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Tips for Buying Good Trolling Motors

In the years past, fishers were going on the fishing mission with gasoline-powered boats hence returning with very low returns. In recent times, trolling motors give fishers an ample time as well as good returns. However, choosing trolling motors for your boat can be a challenging task. Below are factors to consider when selecting trolling motors in order to get the best.

Consider the length of the shaft. Before you decide on acquiring a trolling motor, make sure you factor how long the shaft is. This is crucial since boats that are bigger need long shafts while those of smaller sizes need a shorter shaft. It is thus good to tell what size your boat is before you decide to purchase a trolling motor. For you to be sure about this, consider how long the distance from the waterline to the transom is. In case of bow mount, ensure you put into consideration how much the distance from bow top till waterline is.

Check the mount positions. There are two mount positions for trolling motors, that is, bow and transom mounts. Each mount position comes with its advantages as well as disadvantages. Bow mount gives the person driving the boat an easy time to maneuver but they perform well in larger boats. On the other hand, transom mounts can be installed on any boat but they give one a hard time to control and maneuver. It is advisable however that you choose bow mount for bigger boats and transom for smaller boats.

Pay attention to the voltage. The amount of power you will need in the waters influences to a large extent which trolling motor suits you. In order to know which trolling motor has the right voltage for you, make sure you know the duration you spend in the water. Additionally, make sure the size of your boat is given a keener eye. If you will be in waters for long, you need more power hence high voltage trolling motors. In case you have a small boat, trolling motors of less voltage will be the best.

You should pay attention to the controls. There are different ways in which control motors can be controlled, that is, foot-controlled motor, and hand-controlled motors, remote-controlled motor. Motors that are controlled with feet are beneficial in that the boat driver enjoys more comfort and have their hands free to perform any other task. However, they are demanding in terms of investment, unlike hand-controlled motors. Hand-controlled motors do not use more deck space and are friendly to your pocket. Remote-controlled motors come with a high level of comfort but are very costly.

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