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All You Need to Know About Surgical Scrubs

You can easily identify the cotton set worn by any person simply by just looking at them. Any place that you see a doctor or other medical practitioners either on television or in movies the uniform they could be wearing would be scrub. While at work staff at many hospitals are required to wear Scrubs at all time. The simple reason that scrub set are not expensive has made it popular. Scrubs have been introduced just the other day.

Very few people don’t know the uniform nurses wear. A white uniform that has a red cross and a hat is what most nurses wear. It is only recently that scrub uniform for doctors was created but the nurses uniform has been in existence for many years. In the past doctors who were practicing were doing so with their regular clothes. It was not problematic for the doctors because bloodstains would not show easily on their clothes.

After many years and with evolution in medicine there was a need for keeping medical environments clean and sterile to avoid infection. It is not sterile for surgeons to walk around with blood stains on their clothes. Doctors working in operation rooms started to wear antiseptic gowns so that their clothes could be protected in order to bring down the number of infections. White gowns started to be worn by them. If there is a color that would best define cleanliness is color white. It is very easy for white gowns to attract dirt and more so when they come into contact with blood as well as other body fluids.

With the thought of blood and other body fluids many people did not buy the idea of white gowns. Surgeons started to wear green gowns because if this reason. This color is good as it blends colors better and it is not easily stained.

Doctors stopped wearing the white uniform and started wearing the surgical green ones and this is how scrub evolved. The name surgical green came about because it was worn by surgeons and also because of its colour. Because people were ‘scrubbed’ in for surgery people changed the surgical greens to scrubs for this simple reason as years passed on.

Many medical professionals wear scrub nowadays and they are found in different colours. Different medical professionals are advised by many hospitals to use different colour scrubs in order for then to be differentiated. Medical professionals can be able to choose the scrub they prefer as they are available in different colours and patterns. There are cheap scrubs in the market so medical professionals can choose the ones they can afford.

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