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The Importance Of Compression Socks

Compression socks are also referred support socks or compression stockings and are specially made to offer support and increase blood circulation in the feet, legs and the surrounding areas. When one has been active during the day by running, jumping or even working, the blood may be made to collect close to the feet by gravity which causes problems such as leg cramps, phlebitis, fatigue,deep pain thrombosis, and phlebitis. The compression stockings are made in a special way that they put some graduated pressure on the legs and feet which ensures that there is proper circulation of blood in the entire legs and feet. It is through the proper blood circulation that the swelling of the feet and legs is prevented when one has run or walked for long hours or if they have some predisposing medical condition.

The compression stockings are usually recommended by physicians for patients who frequently develops swollen legs or ankles, people with insufficient circulation, thrombosis or varicose veins. The compression socks are available in varying degrees of pressure. This means you should consult the doctor on the pressure range that you need in order to purchase the right compression stocking. The compression stockings normally has lower pressure at the upper parts of the leg around the knee and the pressure increases as you move down towards the ankles and the feet. This difference in pressure is intended to help the body direct the blood to the heart and to avoid collection of the blood on the legs.

At the time of its introduction to the market, the compression socks were first recommended for people who have problems with blood circulation and also for the patients who had just been operated on. But that is not the case anymore because the compression socks are now used widely for other purposes.
Conditions such as deep vein thrombosis,cramps and swollen legs can also be witnessed with travelers of long flights and therefore the compression socks are recommended. During the long hours of immobility where it can be difficult to flex the legs and move around,the blood can collect around the legs and may even form clots which can threaten life. It is during such long journeys that the compression socks will be useful because they help a lot in blood circulation. The compression socks are also used for athletes for support when running and jumping. The compression socks are also beneficial to employees whose job demands that they stand for the major part of the working hours. If you need to buy the compression socks you can visit some online stores or your local drugstore. The compression socks can be found in various colors and styles both for men and for ladies.

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