6 Reasons for Businesses to Build Software

While out-of-the-box software is useful for some small businesses, in some cases, more customized solutions become necessary. But, which criteria determine when it’s necessary to build software or use an off-the-shelf program? Read on for the answers.

Manual Workarounds

Some companies are forced to use manual workarounds to accomplish routine tasks because their off-the-shelf software just isn’t doing the job correctly. When tasks take longer than normal to perform, that’s one of the first indications custom software solutions are needed.

Low Adoption Rates

If existing software has a low adoption rate, customization might be necessary. When employees go out of their way to avoid using software, they just don’t like it. Forced company-wide adoptions won’t lead to increased efficiency, it will only bring complaints from workers.

Training Difficulties

Some businesses need customized solutions when it’s hard to train workers to properly use off-the-shelf software. It may be that there’s no expert available or the software is hard to use or outdated. Furthermore, the expert may believe that it’s easier to do the job themselves than to train someone. In such cases, custom solutions can be adapted to the company’s needs.

System Conversions

When businesses are dissatisfied with a software program and want to move to another, it’s not always easy. Migrating data from system to system is a time-consuming task that may require custom tools. Here, a custom software developer will build engines that convert data automatically.


Anytime a company could benefit from an automated process, the organization may need custom software. While companies who simply sell things may be okay with prepackaged software solutions, those tied into payroll, accounting, inventory, purchasing, and forecasting would benefit from custom solutions.

Custom Branding

Companies may benefit from custom design and branding as a way to set themselves apart from their competitors. A custom software designer will work with the business owner to create a software suite that matches the company’s branding and makes it more consistent.

Custom software solutions are a great way for companies to avoid costly workarounds, streamline processes, and achieve more consistent branding. Visit the site for more details or call today to request a consultation.